Vietnamese Legends & Folklores

Vietnamese in the ancient time
The Power and Relevance of Vietnamese Myths
The golden age of the Hung Kings
Legends of the Hung Kings
Story of the betel leaf and the areca nut
Story of the rice cake
Legend of the Heavenly King of Phu-Dong
Legend of the Mountain and Sea Spirits
Legend of the water melon (dua hau)
The legend of princess Lieu Hanh
The story of Truong's wife
Dialog on mount Na-Son
The golden ax
The secret housewife
Chu Dong Tu and princess Tien Dung
The legend of Chu Van Dich
The golden star fruit tree
The story of two friends, Luu Binh and Duong Le
The magic crossbow
The legends about Emperor Ly Thai To
The legend of the Milky Way
The sandalwood maiden
The 100-knot bamboo